[Spring 2006, Indianapolis, IN] And welcome back! It's been a whirlwind of a winter here in Indiana--I've had some wonderful writing projects (fun and frenzied!) and have been doing more and more work with blogging as well as online writing and community work for Microsoft. My leading edge right now is my love of hosting online communities and developing strategies for their growth--I am naturally a big-picture thinker and love using communication in all forms as the means to strengthen groups, engage individuals, and form online communities. It's amazing work--and the peaceable wave of the future, I think. :)

No matter what the focus your company might be--sales, publishing, services, or nonprofit work--you would benefit from developing an online community. You need to reach an audience, and your audience needs to reach you. You want to hear what your customers or constituents care about--and they need to hear the same from you. You need to be part of a cooperative effort, knowing you're not going it alone. Your customers need to know the same thing.

If you're not sure how to start an online community, or you are thinking about the possibility of starting blogging on your site and aren't sure where to start, drop me a note and let's chat. Online community is the next big (wonderful) frontier! :)

[Note: Communities are a big part of my passion right now, but I've still got great books coming! First Look Microsoft Office System 2007 is on the blocks right now--coming soon to a web site near you! And please stop by the MSN Bookspace we created to support our newest book, Share Your Story: Blogging with MSN Spaces (written with my rocking co-author Mike Torres) and read excerpts so you can get some ideas to use on your own (free) MSN Space!]


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