New books! Happy day :)

I just received my author copies of Microsoft Office 2013 Plain & Simple, and I love the new look! The cover is vibrant and the interior is easy-to-navigate and pretty. (Okay, I'm a little biased.)

This is an all-new book written on the latest in the long line of Office ancestry. I know chances are good that if you're on this list, you may not be a beginning-level Office user, but if you have a child or parent or relative or friend who is, send them this way! :)

I also was blessed to write Microsoft Office 2013 for Touch Devices Plain & Simple for this release, swiping along with the flow of touch. This one also will be available soon and already has its spot on Amazon. I am grateful that after lo these many years I still enjoy this stuff. In fact, I discovered earlier this week that I'm officially geekier than 4/5ths of the Geek Squad at my local Best Buy. LOL!

If you take a look at the books--or better yet, buy one--and want to leave a comment or a review either here or on Amazon, I'd love it. I do read them all. Usually more than once. And sometimes I send them to other people, too...especially the positive ones. :)

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New radio show! And even more fun :)

Life is SO fun. Week before last I was blessed to be able to speak to a group of 40 dear women about my spiritual journey and my connection to nature. Two night ago, I spoke to a lovely group of deeply caring and awake people at Elaine Voci's "An Evening with" series about "Finding the Spiritual Heart of Earthcare."

And today I recorded the first episode of my new web radio show, Nourish! This is so much fun. In this first episode, "From the Inside Out," I explain the premise of the show and offer some ideas on how the ways in which nourishing ourselves on purpose can bless not only us but also our surroundings, our loved ones, and our world.

In future shows, I'll be interviewing people who work in all sorts of areas connected to ways we can nourish ourselves, and I'll also add a call-in feature, so start thinking of questions you'd like to ask!

Here's the link to the first show! Let me know what you think. All comments welcome. Peace. :)

Listen to internet radio with Nourish on Blog Talk Radio

It's beginning to look a lot like Office 2013 :)

Wow, time is flying! This fall has been a busy season and for much of the time I've had my head down writing about Windows 8, Office 2013, or SkyDrive. I've also been teaching graduate-level courses at Earlham School of Religion, which I LOVE. Hopefully in the not-too-far-distant future, you'll be seeing writing from some of my students on and listening to their stories and commentary on NPR! I've been blessed with a wonderful group of talented writing students this semester.
The titles for my next new books, Microsoft Office 2013 Plain & Simple and Microsoft Office 2013 for Tablets Plain & Simple, are already up on Amazon and will be shipping early in 2013! I love writing Plain & Simple books because the approach is holistic and the format is fun to write. And after writing more than 70 technical books through the years, I enjoy the challenge of finding the best/simplest/fastest ways to show new users how to accomplish the Office 2013 tasks they're most interested in mastering.

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Curious about Windows 8 Consumer Preview?

Hi! My latest book from Que, My Windows 8 Consumer Preview, is now available as a downloadable ebook on Amazon! I wrote the book using the popular My Series format, which means it's very visual (and colorful!) and easy to follow. I just posted a video on my Amazon Author Central page to showcase some of Windows 8 CP's features, so you could take a look and decide whether you'd like to download and try it out for yourself. Enjoy!

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New year, new brochure :)

Hi everyone! In preparation for the Calvin Festival of Faith & Writing later this week (woo hoo), I felt inspired to revamp my spiritual direction brochure this morning. It now includes some of the simple basics about what spiritual direction is, what kinds of outcomes you can expect, and what forms it can take. This was especially exciting to me because in one sense it feels like different areas and interests in my life are converging--now thanks to online technologies, we can use Skype, Google+, or other video-and-voice approaches to be present with each other, even in spiritual direction sessions. This seems like a grace-filled answer for me because it means people can connect using the method they choose--from anywhere, whenever the time is right. How like God is that? :)

Here is a link to my new brochure. Please feel free to print and share it as you are so led.

Happy Spring!

My Evernote released to the wild!

Hi everyone, I'm excited to discover that My Evernote [Que, 2012] is now in stock on and it available for sale! I just loved writing this book (and think Evernote is a terrific product) and am looking forward to seeing how things grow and change over the coming months.

Evernote seems to me to be a great company with the right idea about many things. I love it that they're working to keep all their users happy, whether you use the PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android, or Blackberry. They continually release new tools to keep us engaged and using our data smoothly and naturally. [I have a new article coming out about five new big Evernote tools soon from Que Publishing, but it's going through the editorial channels now. I'll post a link when it's up.]

I thought it would be a fun and I hope helpful experiment to create a public notebook to continue the conversation in My Evernote, and you'll find it here.

If you have an Evernote account (which is free, by the way), you can click the link and then click Link to Account in the lower left corner and the public notebook should be added to your list of notebooks so that you can check content additions easily. I'm not sure whether you'll be able to *add* notes yet or not--that's part of the experiment. I'll get that worked out later today.

I also hope to post a few videos about My Evernote--or at least audio notes, that would be fun--so stay tuned!

If you have any questions while I'm working all this out, feel free to comment here on this blog, email me at, or follow (and DM) me on Twitter at @kmurray230.

Onward! Here's to our effortless remembering with Evernote! :)

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Join our circles!

I received word today that the discussion circle list is up for the Calvin Festival of Faith and Writing conference in April. I'm excited to be facilitating a discussion circle about Writing about Nature and Spirit! Here's the description of the circle:

Writing About Nature and Spirit
We engage nature every moment of our day, with every breath we breathe and every step we take. This circle invites you to share and hear ways writers bring nature into their spiritual writing, and bring spirit into their nature writing.
If you plan to be at the conference (it's for everyone--readers and writers) and want to explore nature and spiritual writing topics, come join me! Or at least look over the list--there are some great discussions planned.

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