Happy Summer!

[Summer 2006, Indianapolis, IN] School is done for the year, the frogs are back in the pond (see the photo on the left), and the crickets have resumed chirping. It's hot and humid already here in central Indiana. And it's going to be a busy summer!

Right now we're celebrating the huge release of beta 2 of the 2007 Microsoft Office system. Beta 2 opened for public beta last week, and along with it, the book I've been writing, First Look 2007 Microsoft Office System, is now available as a free download in PDF format. This is the first time a book I've written has been almost instantly--literally, within two days--made available online. I just love technology! Things can't get much more streamlined than that. :)

I'm continuing to write and post content for The Hive (if you're involved in an online tech community, check out that site--there's a huge amount of information there and some really great people) and doing the newsletter and web content for Microsoft Mindshare. In addition, I write blogging articles regularly for Microsoft At Home and At Work. It's a full plate, but I love it. I hope you're happy and productive in your work this summer!


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