Life Is Fun

Well, I discovered tonight that I've been remiss in updating this resume blog. My writing is continuing to flourish (thanks to Peter for that wonderful word!) and I love it more than ever. Here are a few of the milestones in the few months since I've posted. I am working or have worked on the following projects recently:

  • Managing editor of The Educational Forum for KDP
  • Creating social networking solutions for nonprofits
  • Design, layout, and proofreading for Earlham School of Religion
  • Monthly newsletter and web content for Microsoft
  • Work in pastoral care at a local hospital
  • Volunteer work transcribing Thomas Merton's handwritten notebooks
  • Retreat facilitation (coming fall 2008!) on contemplative living at Bethany Spring

    In addition to these life-enriching activities, I am actively writing "Gentle Conversations: Nurturing the Art of Deep Connection," and working on two other projects that spring from the center of my heart (one is a book on guided meditations related to loving the earth and another is a reflection on Sri Ramana's Forty Verses of Reality).

    It is a rich summer full of creative expression--such a blessing! I've never been happier. What inspiring things are you working on right now? (Comments welcome!) :) k

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