Lots of New Work & Go Green!

[Update: March 1, 2009] Hello and happy (almost) spring! I wanted to let you know about a few new resources I posted this morning. reVisions Plus has a new set of communication tips (for March) based on riding the wind of change in your organization or business, and over on BlogOffice, you'll find a new 3-Minute Quick Guide to Creating a Glossary in Word 2007. (It's easier than you might think!)

Also, some project news: I just finished writing Learning Web Design with Adobe CS4 for Emergent Learning/Pearson and am working on Green Home Computing for Dummies with Woody Leonhard right now (awesome book! I am absolutely loving this project). There are so so so many ways we can cut back on the energy we use; it's really exciting and empowering. I'll post more about this as time goes on, but here's a quick little green tip for you:
    Green tip: You can start saving energy easily--with just a couple of clicks--by changing the power management settings in Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 7, and on your Mac (see the Energy Saver dialog box) so that your system uses less energy and goes to sleep sooner rather than later. (Note: Sleep mode in Vista is much better and more reliable than Stand By mode in Windows XP.)


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