New bio update...and an oops :)

I was making some changes to my Blogger profile a little while ago and posted my latest bio in the "About Me" section...and then was shocked to see the whole thing appeared in the profile segment of every blog I publish. Wow. That's not what I intended. :)'s the updated bio. I'm going to post it only in this space because having it everywhere is unnerving. :)

    Katherine Murray is a writer, editor, mom, and nana who loves the earth and all beings living here. The author of many nonfiction books (including Green Home Computing for Dummies, published by John Wiley & Sons in 2009), Katherine mixes pastoral care with contemplative writing and feels that healing our relationship with the earth is integral to personal and societal healing. She is currently writing “One Self, One World: Meditations on Belonging to the Earth” and offering the contemplative retreat, “The Language the the Earth Speaks,” which helps participants uncover their personal responses to the earth’s call for care. Katherine’s essay “Water as Healer,” is part of the collection Water: Its Spiritual Significance, published by Fons Vitae (2009) for the Louisville Festival of Faiths. With an M.Div from Earlham School of Religion, Katherine has served as a hospital chaplain and facilitator of healing groups. She is a member of the Society for Environmental Journalists and writes about earthcare both as practical and spiritual practice. Katherine’s work is available online through her blogs (Practical Faith and Narrative) and you can follow her on Twitter at http://twitter/kmurray230.


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