New Kindle books on Amazon!

Hi everyone! I just published several of my non-technical books on Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing platform. It was really surprisingly easy to do. I love how this industry is changing.

Now you can find the following books available (inexpensively, because it's Kindle format) on Amazon. I hope you'll check them out!
Arising: Reflections on Reality in Forty Verses is a book of daily meditations I wrote as I read and reflected on Sri Ramana's Reality in Forty Verses. Sri Ramana taught about the self-enquiry method of achieving oneness, or non-duality. I'm still (and will always be) a student of this approach, but it's very restful and loving--and good meditative practice!

Stay in Touch with Your Teen is a book for parents who are struggling with the choices and attitudes their teens may be trying on for size. How do we stay in relationship with our kids without controlling them? Can we hear what they have to say and still make sure they are following our house rules? This book is all about staying in contact and understanding each other no matter which side of the generation gap you may be standing on.

Awareness: An Owner’s Manual is a contemplative look at the power of our own awareness--how to notice it, welcome it, grow it, celebrate it.
Love the Earth! Earth Care Activities for Parents and Kids is a simple, practical guide for parents that includes earth care ideas you can do with your kids to enhance your relationship with the planet and each other. :)
    Getting Over the Rainbow: Peacemaking through Communication is all about transcending all the beautiful (and not-so-beautiful) ways we express ourselves and our choices and cutting right to the chase of who we are and how we're connected. Seen from the idea of essence, we can talk about anything, go through anything, and build anything together.
    Mapping Your Dreams is a simple little how-to book I created this summer that gives a specific process for working with your dreams. I've been a student of my dreams for years and years, and took some pointers from Carl Jung and Robert Johnson (and Florence Scovell Shinn) in putting together this dream mapping technique.


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