Windows 8 may eat Apple's lunch yet :)

Good morning! Well the BUILD keynote was terrific, as expected. Microsoft Pres (Windows & Windows Live) Steven Sinofsky is a great person for these events, imo. He feels real, authentic, and  totally tech, but with a practical side. Throughout the keynote, which involved Sinofsky and several of his key program leaders, we saw all kinds of new features that will make Windows 8 hip, relevant, fast, efficient, and secure. And for developers (who BUILD is really addressing), they demonstrated how easy it will be to develop all kinds of applications for Windows 8. So it sounds like a win-win-win-win-win. I'll be doing some blogging in various places about Win 8, and I can't wait to start working on a new version of My Windows 7 PC (Que, 2011) soon. Yes, you  guessed it--the next version will be called My Windows 8 PC (unless "8" really is a codename, as we've heard, and then it will be My Windows PC. :) I'll keep you posted.


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