A simple guide to eco-spirituality

Good morning! Thanks to those of you who have preordered my next book, A Simple Guide to Eco-Spirituality, to be published soon by Luminis Books! It's so awesome to see those preorder numbers climb. :) This book is a labor of love for me, born out of a class I teach at Earlham School of Religion on Eco-Spirituality. From an early look at our personal relationship with the planet, we take an interfaith look at the ways in which different traditions approach care for the earth, and then explore different ways in which we can honor our spiritual connection with the planet long-term. Here is the working TOC for the book:
    Chapter 1: What Is Eco-Spirituality?
    Chapter 2: Find Your Earth Narrative
    Chapter 3: Map Your Family Geography
    Chapter 4: The Roots of Embodiment
    Chapter 5: How Do We Know What the World Needs?
    Chapter 6: Justice and the Earth
    Chapter 7: This Arising Moment
    Chapter 8: Moving toward Sustainability
    Chapter 9: Eco-Spiritual Practice as Advocacy
    Chapter 10: Wholeness for People & Planet
I hope you enjoy the book and if you have any questions about this book or others I've written, feel free to contact me. Smiles & blessings, Katherine

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