Are you a Microsoft Expression Web Plain & Simple reader? If so, I'm thinking about you. :)

One of the great things about Amazon's AuthorCentral is that I can keep track of my books and see which ones are selling consistently and well. I wrote Microsoft Expression Web Plain & Simple back in 2007, and the program has (no surprise) been updated and updated since then. But readers continue to buy the book, and I'm concerned that it's outdated in relation to the version of Expression Web they may be downloading today. I asked the publisher about doing an update of the book, but we still have a healthy number of print books in stock, so a reprint isn't in the plan for a while.

So here's what I'm thinking: I could create a small (free) ebook that offers new information about the latest version of Expression Web and describes changes in existing features covered in the book, so readers who purchase the book today have access to information on the most current version. If you're an Expression Web Plain & Simple reader and this appeals to you, would you please let me know? You can post a comment here or write to me directly at I'd also like to hear what you're doing with Expression Web, so that I can come up with some relevant examples. Thanks!

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