My Evernote is on the way!

Hi everyone, I was excited to look My Evernote up on Amazon this morning and discover that it's available for pre-order! This is really great because Evernote is such a terrific program! If you take notes, plan to take notes, or think you ever will take notes, Evernote is a great (free) and multi-talented program that works with (and syncs!) all your different devices and computers. With versions available for all major mobile platforms, as well as Windows and Mac and all the biggest browsers, you can easily gather notes from anywhere, anytime, and synchronize them automatically with the web, so you can reach them wherever you are. Very slick.

And you're not limited to type-as-you-go notes: you can capture images, audio clips, web content, email, and even tweets--and post them to the Evernote notebook of your choosing.

So if one of the 10 million Evernote users is on your holiday shopping list, consider ordering them a copy of My Evernote! (Of course, the book won't be available until early March, but happy anticipation is a good thing, right?)

Happy holidays!

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